Con Houlihan says…

The very heart of Inchicore is a rectangle of ground off Emmet Road on its western side. This is Richmond Park… its followers were like one of the lost tribes of Israel.

Con Houlihan

Regarded among many as one of the finest sports journalists to come out of Ireland, Con Houlihan was a regular along the Camac side decades ago. He supported the Saints through crisis, controversy and celebration. In an article printed by Magill, he wrote “St Patrick’s Athletic have survived many crises. At times it seemed that they might cease trading.”. The club is going through uncertain times right now, like so many others around the world and it is the perfect time to reiterate the words printed in that faithful article. 

As that bathroom door, that Con Houlihan so vividly remembered and spoke about in the article, said, “Con Houlihan says that Pat’s will never die.” And when the most prolific sporting journalist says something so bold and poignant, you best believe it’s true.